Saturday, 9 July 2011

Chinese fan dance rehearsal + Snowflakes

This gonna be a short update.

My girls have been practicing very hard for the past 2 weeks and it's time to show the people the end product~Plus,the chinese fan dance will be the second last item, thus we got lotsa time to dress up and tie hair.No rush, yay~^^v

 #My girls in full costume for rehearsal.

#Group photo students+teachers

#My girls sticking glitters on the fan while waiting for their turn to perform
I feel so relieved when my colleague give positive comment about the fan dance~good sign *wink*
wahaha..good work girls, maintain the standard till the concert is over kay?
Be confident, keep smiling and enjoy the time performing on stage 
im not sure whether my students are reading my blog or they dont even know that i got a blog.

After work, I headed to snowflake for tea break. At that particular moment, I really need something sweet to sweeten up my life after such a hectic schedule. I need to juggle teaching, teaching dancing, marking, setting exam question, how i wish that i got 48 hours a day. >.<

I tried Snowflake July special which is Sesame Sensation

#Voila, Sesame Sensation 
Baby pearls, red bean, sesame ball with peanut ice

#Satisfied customer
snowflake makes my day
Big smile =D

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