Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lembah Bujang+ Paddy Museum in Alor Setar

This post have to be back dated to the May school holiday,
We were told to arrive in school by 6.00am and the bus will depart by then.
Didn't sleep much as I was busy packing my clothes.

The journey took longer time that I expect because the bus driver was driving 60-70km/h
most of the time we were watching DVD and i was sleeping on and off,
it seems to take forever to reach our destination..

 #Im half awake

1st stop Lembah Bujang,
I believed most of us had read this in our form 1 history text book. Hence, for further info kindly refer to the text book. XD

 #Candi no 1

 #Group pic

 #The sun light was so HOT and we tried not to close our eyes

 #Guess who we are from our shadow

 #Random mosque

 #Sunset in Alor Setar

2.Alor Setar Tower
 #We wanted to go up to the tower to admire the night view, 
sadly the tower was closed T.T

 #Us again 

#Group photo

We put a night in Alor Setar before we proceed to Hatyai,
I went to dreamland at the count of three.

Next Morning, we went to the paddy museum before we headed to the Thai Border,

#Paddy field

 #Group photo


#Group photo

 #Us <3

 #Titatic 2? Lol

 #Camwhore is a must

#These pictures were drawn by Korean artists, it's looked real and it's simply breathe taking =D

#Group pic

#Me =D

#Last pic before we leave the museum

To be Continue ..Hatyai post coming up next

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