Sunday, 3 July 2011

Dining in at Ole Ole Bali

After mom and dad picked me up from my workplace,
they decided to have dinner at Ole-ole Bali, Empire Shopping Gallery.
Sigh, I was wearing my school t-shirt and did not bring my camera out,
fine my sucky 2.0 mp camera phone will do..

The moment I stepped in the restaurant I was soon attracted by the Balinese interior design,
immediately i felt like i was in Bali. Man, it was impressive. Look at the beautiful wood carving

Balinese style umbrella? anyone know what the actual name is?

#Mom's refreshing lemongrass mint mojito, the portion is huge

 #Dad's avocado yougurt, it is original, smooth 
one word DELICIOUS

 #The Bumbu ayam came with a huge serving, 
i think those with a small appetite like me,
this can easily feed two person 


 #Dad's seafood platter with their secret sauce

#Mom's food which was quite similar to mine~

#Last but not least, ise campur

I am willing to fast for the rest of the week, consumed too much good food.

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