Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hatyai+Songkla Part II

We headed for Songkhla after breakfast=D
I think most of us had a good night rest.
However, our gossip session was until late night,
haha not gonna reveal what we had said.
i can say it was a good time though.

 #Im lovin it~ Thailand version

 #Random Catholic school in Hatyai

 #Let me present, Tang Kuan Hilltop,Songkhla
Look at the beautiful scenery

 #Big smile

 #Dont you just love the smile?
i mean the view behind=D

 #Another side of the hilltop,
the view is still amazing

 #Damn scary to climb up there to take pic kay..
glad Im able to balance myself


#At Songkhla Beach

 #Dried up Starfish? or Dead starfish?

 #handmade starfish, LoL XD

#Group photo with the mermaid and we blend in pretty well,
there were quite a number of people waiting for their turn to take pic with the well known mermaid,
however we still managed to get a spot after Ariza quickly climbed up when the people in front of us had finished taking theirs.

 #Jump high and reach for the stars,
tree branch to be exact

#Songkhla ice blended in my hand

#Last but not least, shopping spree and shop till we cant walk.We went to the local bazaar and spent half a day there, we used mandarinhokkiencantoneseenglishthai whatever language we had learn to bargain for a better price. Mark my words, language is very important for shopping. I bought a Polo tee for dad,
some nuts for my mom, 2 bags for myself, Tshirts for my cousin, key chains for friends.There's something for everyone.^.^v

#Pocky is my Love and my childhood favourite, i share a special feeling for pocky as my parents never fail to give me one packet of pocky to keep me quiet whenever they took me for movie. So this really
reminds me of my childhood.

P/s: In case there are extra Thai Baht in hand during the last day of your stay and you dont know how to spend it, go to your nearest 7/11 or any convenience stall and grab some food items. You will be amazed with assorted biscuits, beverages, it's better to buy food stuff than to buy other souvenirs that will come to a waste at the end.

Hope you all enjoy reading this post =D
Peace out


Pou Leen said...

hahaha... i'm lovin it THAI style really got me laughing!

Lea芳 said...

@Pou Leen
Lol, glad you understand my humour..

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