Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Every now and then I will still encounter some rather amusing/annoying remarks. If I speak English that means I'm banana, or if I speak Mandarin means my English must be weak. what crap is that? hello, we human beings can be bilingual or multilingual okay? Cant believe this is still happening to me, arghhhh..*rolled eyes* *clutch fist*

Allow me to briefly introduce my education background, I went to Chinese primary and secondary school and even pursued a degree in Chinese Studies. Yea right, as if I'm so obsessed with the language. Hence, after being in such surrounding for so long I think it's fair enough for me to say a word or so after being misinterpreted by most people.

Case 1:Kiasu
To be honest, during my school days, my teachers set very high expectation for us, so everyone become very competitive because nobody wanna get the last placing in class. It's worse than bringing shame to your family. The result will be pinned at the notice board and everyone including parents will be able to see the grades. If your result is good, of course you'll receive lotsa praises, but if your result/placing dropped your stress level will build up and you'll hate school. Trust me I have been through that and it's no fun at all.

Case 2:Math must be good so must be every calculative and kiam siap
Majority of them are good in math but there are also exception like me, my math suck like ehem*cough*, and my add math is horrible TT3TT. Not interested in math after Form 3 and it took me longer to solve a math question than writing a 300 words essay.
About the stinginess matter, I think it differs according to one's upbringing. I'm lucky that my circle of friends belongs in the generous group than those awfully kiamsiap group. However if your friend is calculative and calculates every single cent with you then it better to keep a distance from them. Imagine your friend calling out your name in public asking you when you gonna return his/her 10/20/50 cents...LMAO...If this happens to me I gonna put a paper bag over my head, ultra embarrassing moment.

Case3: Poor proficiency in English
Yalah hor like ebiwan of aus speek manglish rojak pasar language until siasui all chinese people kaokaolat, we rojak together presentpastperfect tense macam vee diden attended ingrish kerass biifor.

My goodness, studying in a Chinese medium school does not stop us from learning proper English, Fyi, we know the importance of English and there are something called language centres where we can learn and improve our English. So stop being that shallow minded. If you dont know what is that then kindly google it.

Not long ago my article was published at my Uni's website and I had let something out of my chest after holding thus long.
#For full article click the link below.

It was my sweet revenge and I got the last laughs when my friend told me that my article was printed out and pasted on the uni's notice board alongside with the President's message. It was totally unexpected and I was over the moon. Recalling receiving questionnaire from students of other courses conducting survey regarding our English proficiency level, it is so unprofessional to do so. Our class were conducted in Mandarin but English elective subject were also in our syllabus. Regretted that I did not conduct survey on the Chinese proficiency level. *smack forehead*

  #Spotted me?
The only girl, the rose among the torn.

Time has changed and not everyone from Chinese medium school speak bad English nor those from other medium school speak perfect English, vice versa. Hence, never underestimate anyone.
I'm done for now, bye~


SS said...

dont let those people stop you! Just be yourself :P

ken said...

well.. for me, im a banana.. haha.. but yeah, life's like this.. people stereotype and categorize almost every single thing.. but let's not let it get on our way ya :)

~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

SS is right :D

żħї~qїňg said...

i come from a national school, and i speak chinese more fluently than english. i just cant read and write. my friends from chinese school speaks better english than me. i think its just the people that we grow up with, and how they communicate.. for me, all my friends in school speaks chinese at home, so i learnt it from them

Lea芳 said...

@ SS & @~KLaRaPaRiS~
Yea, Im not going to stop speaking english and mandarin bcuz of them.

haha, banana or not, knowing an extra language/dialect is always a bonus point~Never know when we gonna apply it.. =D

I agree with you that upbringing surrounding and peers really influenced our language ability. =D

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