Sunday, 10 July 2011

Swenson earthquake

I almost got an heart attack on Thursday when the concert coordinator told me that she wants my girls to perform during the concert, =.=? Huh, i thought my girls were suppose to perform at night?
Fine, i quickly call my girls over to change, help them to tie hair and get ready for their performance. Luckily my girls were extremely co-operative and they get ready in no time..phew..

#Ready for show time..
My girls even plait my hair for me ==.

To be honest, i felt rather stressful when we need to got prepared in such short period. Everyone rushed like bullet train, hopefully the person in-charged will inform us earlier next time.

I think i gonna have tooth decay very soon, as im consuming sugary food two days in a roll. This time im having earthquake at Swenson..muahahahahaha..Eat first , diet later..

 #Eating is a perfect way to distress,
I tend to forget about my stress when i having something sweet

#Another pic wit the ice cream before it disappear XD

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