Sunday, 24 July 2011

Snowflakes to chill

Last Monday I was down with sore throat, flu and slight cough.
Im glad that I fall sick sick after the concert and my duty, if not things will be even worst.
After informing my boss that I was unwell, I went to our panel doctor and he gave 1 day MC, guess my body really needed rest.Thus, i took medicine and slept through the day. Sleeping is the best remedy.

 #I hate medication especially cough mixture, 
not to mention about the taste, 
i would rather swallow bitter gourd juice than the mixture. 

I went back to work on Tuesday after I was feeling better.I told myself not to shout at my students with my sexy voice husky voice,but it's rather hard to do so. Teenagers are a group of people who cant sit still, I can totally understand that XD

From time to time, I will be craving for snowflakes, perhaps the weather is too hot and I need something cold to chill me down or it's just irresistible addictive. =D Without second thought, I headed to snowflakes after work. The place was crowded as usual, after placing our order, the UFO took longer time to blink as they were busy preparing 10 bowls of take away for the customer who came before us.

#Grass Jelly series, Snowflakes
As you can see from the picture,
the portion was larger than usual,
guess it was to compensate the longer waiting time. yay ^^
my stomach was bloated and i was breathing ice 
after I finished the entire bowl.

Food therapy always works for me.


Jael said...

wow, I love grass jelly.. XD

ken said...

food is happiness :)

Lea芳 said...

I hearts grass jelly too XP

yea, food is my therapy~hehe

redlittiapple said...

nice snowflakes, makes me want to try it...

Lea芳 said...

Slurps~a must try item when you're in KL..hehe

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