Saturday, 16 July 2011

0807 Sedaya Night 2011

Sedaya night was held a day before the "Bersih" rally, as you know that there were road blocks hence the traffic was super duper jam and I was stuck in one of the Subang Jaya roundabout for at least 45 minutes. It's so near yet so far, at one point i felt like walking was faster than driving. I felt frustrated to the max because i was in my car and the traffic remained stagnant for so long!!! But my goodness, i was only 10-15 minutes late, where some of the teachers were stuck in the jam for 2-3 hours T.T I was lucky compared to them, I shall stop complaining from now on.

#My outfit for the night~
Simplicity is always the best

#Put on falsies and did some light make up for the occasion

 #Tadaa~~with my form 4 girls

#Jasrin, me

#Jia en and me

 #With my twins Nikki and Nicole,
guess who is the older sister?

#Wanling, me and Tommy

 #with my form2 boys

#Group photo with Ms Wan.

#Model search? Lol
Looks like Ms Foh and I blend in really well

 #Hair tied, costume changed, fan done,
everyone is ready~

 #Voila, it's show time 

#My girls mesmerised the audience with their graceful dance moves

 #The climax of the fan dance
Im so proud of my girls

#Ending pose and we nailed it <3

#Young blood in school ^^

#Credit to Ms Foh for capturing those chinese fan dance photos with her professional  DSLR.

Gonna upload the Chinese Fan Dance video after I've finish editing it.


Pou Leen said...

Yes, simplicity's the most flattering =) OTT is just.. ugh!

Lea芳 said...

High 5, but some rather dressed OTT to be the center of attraction..XD

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