Friday, 22 July 2011

Impossible is possible

When I was told that my colleague and I were in charge of the Chinese Fan Dance, I pushed my panic button.  Why me? Nooooooooooooo.. The voice was screaming inside my heart. Dancing seems like an impossible and unreachable task for me. For those who know me well, breaking planks and sparing seemed to be an easier task for me. Fyi, the performance was two weeks away,  do I even have enough time to teach?

With zero knowledge in dancing, I searched high and low in youtube looking for suitable dance moves to master within 2 weeks. I can settle with something presentable and easy.
My friends said it's rather impossible for me to teach dancing as I used to spar my ass off during tkd practice. Apart from our hectic timetable, we squeezed every bits of free time to supervise our students' progress.

After the first full dressed rehearsal, im flattered when i received positive comments from my colleague,
I felt the burden on my shoulder was slightly lighter.On that concert night, my girls were really stressed out as they were worried they wont be able to maintain the same standard==. I hugged them before they went on stage.Although we were exhausted but when i saw camera flashes while i was recording their dance routine~I knew they nailed it. Big wide smile ^_______________^

Thinking of carrying their costume from the 8th floor in Kuen Cheng School and going all the way to Petaling Street to get their dancing fan is totally worth it now.
Thanks to my colleagues Ms Wan and Ms Foh, our girls wouldn't make it without both of you, our teamwork rules~

Thanks to my students who were willing to sacrify their time to practice,you all made us proud from the very first moment you all performed on stage~

Here is the video
enjoy =D

The valuable lesson for this story is if there is a will, there will be a way.
It's never too late to start practicing for whatever thing if there are hard work, commitment and determination involved.
=The End=

Gonna continue doing my exam papers TT3TT


ken said...

surely a good experience.. nothing is impossible :)

EeSoon said...

WOW!!! you done that in 2 weeks?
The dance is beautiful!
yes, nothing is impossible.

Lea芳 said...

It's an unforgettable experience for me, scare the hell out of me..

Yes =D, we did that in 2 weeks, so glad my girls were able to make it. Thanks for your compliment.^^

Pou Leen said...

yes, nothing is really impossible, and it's really beautiful.. the fan dance! Good job, I must say =)

Lea芳 said...

@Pou Leen
Im flattered, thanks for the compliment ^^

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